Unity and C #. Gamedev from idea to implementation (Jeremy Gibson Bond, Richard Lemarchand, 2020)

The book by Jeremy Gibson Bond and Richard Lemarchand combines an introduction to game design with theory on game development, and collects issues that are faced by a variety of professionals, from designers to programmers. Readers will be able to learn more about prototyping on paper, how the game is balanced, how the future product is tested, the Unity development environment and the C # language. Anyone who dreams of getting into game development will be able to learn from it the necessary information about modern development methods and tools used for this. The manual contains theoretical information and practical exercises that are sure to come in handy for anyone who wants to create video games. You will become familiar with the main concepts of game development, high-level design methods, and also learn the basics of programming. When writing the book, J. Gibson drew on his own experience to transfer knowledge to novice developers and teach them to think in terms of the gaming industry.