The modern readership is given the opportunity to choose the format of the work they like: hard copy or electronic version. Electronic books are downloaded to various information devices, including a computer.

In what format should I download books to my computer?

There are several basic possibilities:

  • PDF. One of the most popular formats for reading books from a PC. It features convenient page-by-page navigation and image clarity. The disadvantages include the “large” weight of the downloaded works.
  • TXT. Literary works presented in this format take up little space and can be opened on any gadget. But there are also disadvantages that affect the level of reading comfort. The text is a continuous canvas, not divided into chapters, paragraphs or paragraphs.
  • RTF and DOS. Simple and convenient option. The text can be modified at your discretion: align, choose the type and size of the font. The main disadvantage is that the book takes up a lot of hard disk space.
  • EPub and FB2 are also suitable for viewing text materials on a laptop, but for the correct display of information, it is recommended to download specialized programs.

Additional options for downloading books

To have complete information about the format in which to download the book to your computer, you need to pay attention to additional options.

  1. If a literary work is rare or has historical value, its scanned copy is usually stored in DJVU format.
  2. Pages of works can be photographed (jpg-extension). This option is rational to use for works containing a large number of images.
  3. Audio versions are available for download in MP3 format.

The answer to the question of which book format to choose for a computer will depend on individual preferences and technical features of the gadget used. Each presented option has a number of advantages for comfortable reading of your favorite works.