Creating a virtual library

E-books are convenient, simple and accessible to everyone. Paper editions are becoming less popular due to their high cost and additional storage space. Having learned how to download e-books to your computer, you can create a real library of your favorite publications on your device. The important points are the format of the books, the search for a popular application and the analysis of some points in order for everything to work correctly and clearly, and you enjoy your favorite pastime both online and offline.

How to download books to your computer

Let’s analyze in more detail the algorithm of actions for replenishing the virtual library.

  • Decide on a resource convenient for you, from which the necessary books will be downloaded.
  • Register for the service.
  • In the “search” column enter the title of the book, the author.
  • Select language and required format.
  • Click on the “download all selected” button.

It is also possible to search for a book in the browser and transfer the folder to the computer. After unpacking the file, you can start reading.

When adding a book to a desktop PC with a Windows operating system, PDF, Epub, fb2 formats are available.

PDF files are most convenient for reading on a computer, as in most cases Adobe Reader is installed by default. In any case, transferring it to your PC will not be difficult. Not suitable for opening on other devices, not adapted to them, there is no possibility to change the font size.

Epub is user friendly, easy to use, user friendly. Installation of a special reading program is required. If you have a MacBook, this format is ideal, as it is present on all other Apple devices.

fb2 – widespread and widely used for reading in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Additional installation of readers is required.

As you can see, downloading a book to a computer is an absolutely simple task that even a novice user can handle.