Books for computers

Books on computer topics give readers useful information about everything directly related to computing devices (computers, laptops, smartphones), the possibilities of working on them (shell programs, utilities for all occasions), as well as using modern gadgets to make money (photo processing, video editing, website promotion (SEO) and social media groups (SMM), etc.

Why is computer literature still popular?

Many people, especially the younger generation, often make statements on the topic of what our society does not read. So, why we need a book about computers, when there are sites and forums with useful information, and YouTube where you can find many videos on various topics?

Indeed, it is impossible to deny the emergence of new ways of obtaining knowledge. It’s useless to argue the fact that the video is often clearer than the information from the book about computers. However, a great number of these sources of knowledge is just a serious problem for the following reasons:

  1. There are a lot of sites about computers. There are so many of them that it is difficult to find and choose one of them. The situation becomes worse with the fact that the dates of writing articles on many web resources are not marked that is why the user often does not understand how up-to-date the received information.
  2. There are also a lot of forums about electronic gadgets, and their atmosphere is rather unfriendly. If you ask for advice or ask a question there, you will usually get so many answers with sarcastic comments that you will lose any desire to study the topic you have chosen. Well, you still have to sort out the information somehow. In general, you face more difficulties than sense.
  3. Another significant drawback lies in the lack of systematization of knowledge offered by books about computers. For example, a person wants to learn how to work in Photoshop. There are millions of sites, forums, and videos on this topic. But they are usually created by those who have already forgotten how it looks like to be a beginner. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to get a general idea of how to work with this popular photo editor, and familiarity with individual techniques does not give anything in the future.

If you take computer books, then the information in them is systematized by qualified teachers who know how to present an idea. In addition, the textbook contains all the necessary data on the topic, and at any time you can return to the study of a particular chapter in your usual rhythm. This is more convenient than watching a video where the speaker does not adjust to the listener, and therefore you often have to pause, rewind, etc.