How to upload a book to iPhone from computer

Apple phones are a functional technological platform that provides opportunities for organizing a comfortable pastime: playing useful video and audio files or reading your favorite literature.

How to transfer books to iPhone from computer?

The algorithm that determines how to transfer a book from a computer to an iPhone includes several steps:

  • Installing and running the latest version of iTunes on your PC.
  • Transfer of the desired work from the storage on the computer to the “Media Library” section, in which you need to select the “Books” tab. Here is a list of all previously downloaded reading products. There is a requirement for the format of the works – ePub, PDF or TXT. If the text you like is available for download in another extension, you can use the online converter.
  • Synchronization of data provided in iTunes with iPhone. The phone must be connected to the laptop via a USB cable, then find and open your device and select the “Synchronize” menu item. If the PC and the phone are connected to the same WI-FI network, the cable is not used. If necessary, you can configure automatic synchronization.

Before downloading books to an iPhone from a computer, it is important to make sure that the cable is working properly and the signal of the router is stable.

Literary works can be downloaded to your phone directly from verified Internet sites. In this case, the iBooks application is required.

How do I format a loaded library?

It is important to figure out not only how to transfer books from computer to iphone, but also how to format or delete them. To perform these operations, you must log into your iTunes account:

  • to edit the list of available literature (change the author, title or type of cover), right-click on the book, go to the “Information” subsection and make adjustments;
  • to free up space for a new work, you need to select the “My Books” tab and delete irrelevant items;

Content capabilities

When the question of how to throw a book onto an iPhone from a computer has been resolved, you can enjoy your favorite works. The phone has a convenient settings menu that allows you to change the screen brightness mode, font type and size, and quickly move to the desired page.

Additionally, in the AppStore, you can download special applications designed to make the reading process even more enjoyable.