How to open books on a computer

Many people like to read books. Modern technologies allow you to do this on a personal computer or laptop. Anyone can find and download them, but not everyone can open them. Below you will learn what to do if the books do not open on the computer.


First, you need to determine the format (or extension) of the downloaded book. Specified in the file name after the dot:

  • HTML;
  • DOC (or DOCX);
  • TXT (or RTF);
  • PDF;
  • FB2;
  • DJVU.

Knowing the file extension, you can find out what tool to open it with.

How to open a book on your computer

  1. HTML files are the easiest to open since they only require a browser. Even the standard Internet Explorer, which is installed by default on devices with the Windows operating system, will work.
  2. Books in DOC and TXT format are launched using Microsoft Office Word. The download is available from the official Microsoft website.
  3. You will also need software to open the PDF extension files. For this purpose, Adobe Reader is suitable. The program can be found on the official website, download is available for free.
  4. To use FB2 files, you will need an FBReader specially created for reading in this extension.
  5. DJVU files are opened with the WinDjView tool. You can download it from the official website of the developer.


Sometimes it happens that the user has downloaded their favorite works, installed the right program, and the computer does not open the books. In this case, you can use universal and free programs designed for reading. These include:

  • Calibre  supports all possible extensions, available on Windows, macOS, and Linux;
  • Amazon Kindle has a user-friendly interface and can be installed even on a phone;
  • Apple Books, a library for Apple users;
  • Cool Reader, has a lot of fine-tuning, so it is ideal for sophisticated users;
  • FBReader, which opens e-books of different formats.