How to download a book to Android from a computer

Today, many people prefer paper media concerning home reading, but the future has come. Everyone can afford their favorite literature at hand, permanently, for example, in the smartphone or tablet. At the same time, it is a convenient, practical device. To read on your phone, you need to download a book there.

There are several variations on the theme.

Here we will analyze in detail how to download a book to android from your computer. The question of how to download a book to Android from a computer is relevant. Few people have a complete understanding of the topic.

There are times when there is no option to download them immediately from a mobile device, then a PC or laptop comes to the rescue. Here, the technique acts as a guide.

Step-by-step instructions on how to transfer books from your computer to Android

  1. Click on the search bar of the Internet browser, write the title, the author of the work.
  2. Look at the search result, looking for the most suitable resource.
  3. Go directly to the site, select the link to download the document in the required format. Starting the download.
  4. After the download is complete, the file will automatically appear inside the downloads folder on your PC.
  5. The book itself is transferred from the computer to the phone via a USB cord. The gadget needs to be switched to data transfer mode.

Everything is ready. The document is saved in the memory of your mobile device, the books folder.

It was a simple guide to how to throw a book on android from a computer.

In addition to the above option, you can use the Play Market. We are going to the Internet again, but this time on your gadget. This should be done using the browser, the principle is the same: search, output, download.


They are located in special mobile applications for reading. First, you need to download the app itself (there are paid, free versions), then go to the electronic library, get acquainted with the catalog, download it (or buy it).

Similar methods are also easy to use.

Please note that the transfer via USB cable is still the most reliable way. As mentioned above: it is not always possible to do this with your phone. Lack of mobile Internet, poor Wi-Fi connection, insufficient memory to install an additional application. All factors can cause inconvenience.