How to connect a PocketBook to your computer

After purchasing the device, some people wonder how to connect a pocketbook e-book to a computer. Let’s look at the problem that often occurs to users.

Manufacturers assure that the e-book is connected to the PC automatically. However, there are times when the computer does not recognize the device. In these situations, you should follow the following guidelines:

  1. Make sure that you are using the original micro USB cable, it comes with the e-book. The fact is that the wires from third-party manufacturers may have different characteristics and worse quality.
  2. You need to connect the device to the computer in the enabled state, be sure to wait for the main menu to load.
  3. Check that the cable is securely attached to the USB port of your PC. Also, try inserting the wire into another USB input.
  4. If the above methods do not help, format the internal memory of the device. It is worth noting that this procedure will lead to the loss of files, so it is recommended to create a backup copy of the data on a PC or external storage media in advance.

We hope you will never be puzzled over how to connect a pocketbook to your computer. We wish you a comfortable and pleasant time reading your favorite works.